Sunday, 7 January 2018

Should We Waste Time on TV, Playing Games and Surfing the Internet?

I’m all about productivity. Making lists is my new passion. Why would I spend time on useless time killers, when I can do something valuable? I shouldn’t even think about it because I’ve got things to do!

Well… no. That’s not a good way of thinking, either. As with everything else, there needs to be balance. If we would only work all the time, without any relax and entertainment we wouldn’t be productive at all. That’s why it’s very important to always find some time for things we enjoy.

What’s wasting time then? Is it just a phrase without a reflection in real life? How do we decide which activity is relaxing and which is time-wasting?

I believe there’s a thin line between relieving stress and dawdling, and unfortunately, there are no instructions for this. I’ve learned that the only solution is to listen to your body and to be honest with yourself.

There were times in my life when I would do things that I enjoy but to the maximum extent. I worked regular 40 hours a week, do absolutely essential chores and then spend the rest of my free time playing games or watching movies/TV shows until late hours. On weekend I would do that all days long. My level of relaxation should have been full back then, right? Actually, I was feeling constantly tired. I would also regret not accomplishing things that were important to me. For me, it was the point when enjoyable activities became time-wasters.

After I decided that things needed to change I became productivity-freak for a moment. I would hardly do anything relaxing, and if so, I would feel guilty for not doing something useful. Then I tried to have my “me-time” regularly, but I thought that I will use that time only to watch quality content and read articles I can learn from. Nothing wrong with that, but these weren’t my favorite activities. Again I was feeling tired and stressed.

Now it’s still not ideal, but it’s much better since I understood that it’s ok to do things I enjoy, even though they’re considered time-wasting. I just can’t go overboard. Usually, I spend 1 hour every evening doing things that honestly give me joy.

Also two years ago and last year, during my two-week holiday I let myself spend two days playing games, watching TV shows and doing absolutely nothing. It feels like I would push a reset button, so I think it may become a tradition :) 

How is it with you? How do you know if you’re relaxing or wasting time? Can you tell that at all?

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