It’s well known that being organized and having clear and achievable goals motivates us even more and helps not to lose it along the way. Hundreds of ideas in our heads and chaotic actions make us nervous and overwhelmed.

 Did you ever start a diet and exercising just with a distant vision of your perfect body, and then got distracted by a fantastic cupcakes or a burger recipe? There can be thousands of examples like that, generally it’s difficult to be consistent with a mere idea in a head.

With The Challenge Book you can accomplish your goals, step by step, easy way. You can even do several at once because you won’t lose track of any of them.

The Challenge Book is not only a way to get things done, but also a way to relax and have fun like with Random or Drawing Challenges.

About Me

\ I’m 28, I work full time and I’m passionate about many, many things. Too many to list them all :) I don’t know what does it mean to be bored, I never have enough time for all the things I would like to do. 

I enjoy writing, I always preferred writing more than speaking.

I’m an introvert, so I don’t mind spending time by myself, but I also enjoy some good quality company :)

Many times I’ve read that a successful blog should be about one specific topic, that you should find your niche. For years I struggled because I could not possibly pick only one thing that I would write about. Then I realized that I shouldn’t adjust myself to the blogging world, if I’m going to do this I must enjoy it. That’s why I came up with The Challenge Book. I always like to challenge myself, only with different things all the time.