Sunday, 19 November 2017

Cleaning Schedule - Free Printable

Have you got places in your house that you sometimes just forget to clean and don’t really notice them until the dust on it itself catches your eye?

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Well, I’ve got such spots. I see them when I do deep cleanings and it makes the whole process never-ending because I have to clean all those things that I forgot about at once. I also see them when guests are about to come, and I nervously clean them, telling myself that next time I have to remember about them. But guess what - I forget again or I’ve got some other things to do and I put it off.

I’ve got items in my house that always get dirty in the same pattern - clean, clean, clean… DISGUSTINGLY DIRTY. And they seem to turn to the last stage all at the same time. I swear I have no idea what kind of mystery is that!

Inspired by cleaning schedules that I’ve seen on the internet I decided to make one for myself and give it a try. Will it really solve my problem? We’ll see. Making lists for other areas in my life really helps me, so I think the cleaning schedule will also help.

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Schedules like that are not only useful for things that we should clean from time to time. It also helps to stay motivated with daily tasks. Usually, we know how to maintain our space on the everyday basis, but knowing and doing are two different things. If you put those tasks on a schedule and put it in a visible spot it will be more likely that you’ll do it.

My schedule is based on my own house, if it fits yours you can use it as it is - with my tasks. You can also download an empty printable and write your own schedule.

Let me know of your experiences with cleaning schedules. Do you have one?

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