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12 YouTube Channels, Apps and Blogs About Cleaning And Organizing - Cleaning Motivation

Last week I published another chapter of The Challenge Book, with a 30-day cleaning challenge, which is a source of cleaning tips and motivation. Since I started learning about organizing my life and time management, cleaning has been a big part of that. Bigger than I realized. How can I have a peaceful, organized life, when my space is cluttered? How can I manage my time, when I spend most of it on looking for things in my house because I never know where they are?

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I don't like cleaning. That's why I always try new methods to make it quicker and easier. I also need a ton of motivation. Below I listed all people (and apps) from the Internet which inspire me in terms of cleaning.

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When you see blogs or YouTube channels about cleaning it’s usually full of intimidating perfection. Dana White writes honestly and in a funny way about her struggles with keeping her house clean. She writes about all those housekeeping sins that so many of us are embarrassed to admit.
Dana also posts videos on her YouTube channel so check that out.

I found Abby’s blog when I was looking for blogging tips. Unexpectedly, I found many helpful organizing ideas and solutions. There are a lot of practical, stylish and free printables. Recently Abby started her YouTube channel about organizing. I really like it for its professional look mixed with Abby’s warm and inviting personality.  
Originally it was a blog started by Maxwell and Oliver Ryan in 2004, since then the site hugely expanded and they’ve got a big team and many, many writers. They provide great, professionally prepared content, great pictures, and the site is easy to navigate. They give good cleaning and organizing tips, but the site is basically about everything home related. I love the “Before & After” section in the DIY category.

Becky’s blog design speaks for itself - it shows how good she is at cleaning and organizing. She shares tons of helpful tips and cleaning schedules. Her social media accounts are worth following. Becky posts tasks that should be done each day of a week, so it’s extra cleaning motivation.


That’s the first channel about cleaning that I came across on YouTube a long time ago and I watch it regularly since then. I like it for it substantiveness, great editing and videos being posted frequently.

The way Alejandra organizes her house is so inspirational and her tips are helpful. Also, she has such a sweet personality. She doesn’t post videos often nowadays, I think she took a different route with her business and I wonder if she will still upload videos on YouTube, but the videos she already has on her channel cover all you need to get organized.

On this channel, you can find hacks for all areas of your house and life, including cleaning. The videos are short, fun to watch and you can learn many surprising tricks that make your life easier.

Cassandra admits honestly that she doesn’t like to clean but she came up with great organization ideas, most of them are low-cost DIYs that help her keep the house clean at a minimum effort. Plus her positivity is just contagious.

Jen has systems and habits that help her keep her house always clean. She really knows how to clean and what is effective, and you can see that very well in her house.


Cleaning Organiser
A very simple application just for managing your cleaning routines. It’s very easy to use, has a clean layout. On the main screen you’ve got two lists - daily/weekly tasks and Zone tasks. In each category, there are a lot of tasks that you can just choose and put in on your list, so you don’t have to write it all from the scratch. If you want, you can edit and add your own rooms, tasks, zones.

Clean My House
This app is also very easy to use. You write in the task, you choose a room where it needs to be done and you choose the day when you need to do it and set the frequency. It means that if you put the task in once, it will appear on your list automatically every day, or every week or however often you want.

Cozi Family Organizer
That’s something a little bit more complex and complicated, but it’s a great tool if you want to have everything in one place and you’re not a fan of having a separate app for each activity. Among other features, there are “to do” lists, that every family member can create for themselves, and you can create one common to do list and track the progress together on your own devices. Check out other options of this app. Generally, it’s a big organizer for family life.

Recently I’ve read “The life-changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo. The book is really good and it describes a different way of looking at tidying and cleaning. However, it hasn’t changed my life but I think it’s my fault. I’ve read the book when I really had no time for cleaning and organizing. Then I started cleaning few weeks after I’ve read the book and I only managed to sort out my clothes and documents and I’ve lost motivation. I didn’t continue the cleaning while KonMari writes that we should not stop until everything is finished.

I will definitely give the book another go, because what I’ve done so far (clothes and documents) have stayed the same way as I organized it the first time with the book, and it’s been couple of weeks now, so I consider it a success and it gives me hope that if I really commit to doing what’s in the book I will be even more successful. 

The Perfect Housewife

Back in the days when YouTube for me was only for watching music videos, and funny clips and wasn’t full of those great channels, I watched “The Perfect Housewife” with Anthea Turner on TV. I even recorded the show so I could watch it whenever I needed motivation for cleaning. I love it for great cleaning tips and Anthea’s personality, she has no mercy for all those excuses and shows that with hard work you can get amazing effects. Unfortunately, you can’t watch it online anywhere. There are some short unofficial clips on YouTube from the show and you can find DVDs with it on Amazon or Ebay.

Share with me in a comment your favorite cleaning Bloggers and Youtubers :)

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