Sunday, 1 October 2017

The Challenge Book: Random

I’m very happy to present to you the very first chapter of „The Challenge Book”. The name of this chapter is „Random” and that’s exactly what it is -  a collection of random tasks.
There’s no definied theme, there’s no specific topic.  I created all the challenges thinking about things that I’d like to focus on myslef. These are things that I never include on my „to do” lists because there are always more urgent tasks, because it’s silly to plan things like that and so on… But the truth is there will be always urgent things to do – work, cleaning, errands – it never ends. That’s why we should always find some time to relax, to have fun, to think about something else than our responsibilities.

Before you start – under the "Download" button there are instructions how to use an interactive PDF.

Share your accomplished challenges, photos and videos from doing challenges on the forum. You can also leave a post if you’ve got any comments on the challenges or suggestion how I can improve the form of The Challenge Book and this blog.

Leave your e-mail to be the first to know about the next chapter of The Challenge Book. You’ll also get unique useful printables for orginizing your life.

How to use an interactive PDF

Download a PDF from the blog and save it on your computer.

To open the file and use it with all features you’ll need a free program - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Open the file, the first two pages are the cover and the introduction. On the next page you have all challenges listed by numbers. 

Under each number there is a checkbox. Here you will see which challenges are already done.
Click on the number of the challenge that you want to go to. Under each challenge there is also a checkbox, if you click on it there it will be automatically checked on the previously mentioned page.


Under some challenges there are text fields, in which you can write answers to questions about the challenge.

When you’re done, close the PDF file by clicking on the “x”, save the file and replace the old file with the new one. Do that every time to keep your progress. 

On the phone

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader application.
Download the file - it will probably open in your Google Drive (if you’re using Android)
Click on options (3 dots) and download
Go to downloaded files, open the file with Adobe Acrobat Reader
When you close the document it will be saved automatically.
Next time you can just click on Adobe Acrobat Icon and there will be The Challenge Book PDF that you used.



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