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9 Ways To Make Lists

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Without further ado here's a list of ways to make all kinds of lists and notes.

1. A notebook

If you prefer handwritten lists it's a good option for you. You can use a simple notebook and tags and clips to easily navigate your notes. I like simple notebooks with an elastic closure like this:

If you are more on an art side check out bullet journals. If you don't know what that is - it's a planner that you design and draw yourself from scratch. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest, I'm always amazed how creative people are with those.


You can also use binders if you don't want to buy a new notebook when you run out of empty pages, or when you don't want to keep those that you don't need anymore.

2. Sticky Notes on Windows or Stickies on Mac

This way may be good for you if you use your computer most of the time. You can use them also for only computer-related tasks.

3. Regular post it notes

It's not a good way to make long term lists and plans on them because it's easy to lose it. Still, I use them very often when I have to write down something very quickly and then transfer that to my notebook. Also if something comes up unexpectedly and I know that I will tackle this task very quickly - I can just do that and throw the note away.

4. A corkboard

That's a great idea if you like to keep all the important notes and lists in the reach of your sight. It's also a good way to keep your important, big goals and motivations. If you see what your goals are, it's easier to decide what steps you should take, and it will be less likely that you'll get distracted.

5. Excel

Although there are more options then we ever had, I still like to use good, old Excel sheets. Honestly, I don't always keep up with all new apps and websites that probably could make everything easier, learning new things takes time. That's why for specific lists I use Excel or Google spreadsheets, for example: meal plans, shopping lists, expenses tracking and budgeting. You can get all of them by subscribing to my Newsletter.

6. Outlook

If you use Outlook everyday there's a cool feature - red flags on the right of each massage.

When you click on it, the email will be added to a to-do list that you can see here:

When you click on this icon it will take you to a separate window with the to-do list. There you can see what you need to do. When the task is done you can left-click on the flag or you can right-click to postpone it.

7. Google Keep

It's a great app if you like to have all your notes in one place, wherever you are. You can use them on your phone, you can open them on your computer in your Google account, you can even share the lists with other people and edit them together. It's simple and has all necessary options to make lists.

You can even draw your notes if you'd like.

8. Printable lists 

There are thousands of free printables online, you can easily find the one that is right for you. It's a good option if you like handwritten lists and you prefer to use some nice template, not just simple blank piece of paper. You can also clip it into your binder. Here's a great blog with a huge collection of printables:

9. Default note apps on smartphones

Almost all smartphones have originally installed note apps. I use it on my phone very often, but not for regular lists. Whenever I have an idea, or I hear about a movie, a song or a show I have to write it down very quickly, usually it's a matter of few minutes before I forget what I was thinking about.

What are your favorite ways to make lists and take notes?

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